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Natural Induction - 5 Tips on how to get yourself into labor spontaneously

Your Birth Helper Doula Team helps walk baby out

You might find the chores of natural induction to be too tiring, too challenging, too much work, but seriously do you think your man made Labor contractions will be a cake walk? If so, better think again. Your labor will always be easier to manage if you go into spontaneous labor all on your own. In it’s natural form, most women find labor to be much less challenging. Jessica would concur, it was a full days work for her, but she also did a fabulous job of preparing and prepping her own body for labor! Under the guidance of her doctors, weeks prior she used Dr. Christopher’s Birth prep. She drank red red raspberry tea frequently. She listened when I suggested she have pelvic adjustments from Dr. Kelley Helmendach. She tried acupuncture, tried the Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Hawthorne’s and even tried stripping the membranes at doctors office a few times, but in the end, it was a good old fashion talking to that helped to get her head on straight. Girls, you must realize how we are wired. We have to get our mind right to allow our baby to come out. It’s our mama bear syndrome. If we can not bring ourself to be in a state of relaxation, if we sense a potential harmful or toxic environment for our child, we release adrenaline and adrenaline keeps labor shut down.

Jessica had many bouts of pre-labor, but stress holds us up. When we put away anxiety and stress, we shut the adrenaline down and labor can commence naturally. Once Jessica was able to do that, she found it quite easy to complete her natural induction homework. We began with Lebanese (special thanks to Pita Kabob of Matthews, NC) for always taking such good care of my moms! I shared exactly what I wanted her to consume and not only did she do her homework, but she enjoyed every bite! She found once she filed away her stress, she also had the best nights sleep of her pregnancy. My text update from her the next morning was, “I can’t believe I slept for twelve hours!” I reminded her now we work, let the "what got you into this-get you out & walking" homework commence and throughout the day she did a few other natural things including “roof of mouth pressure point work” to intensify her contractions.

She believed she could- so she did! | #SymbioticBirth

Your Birth Helper has a common phrase she has used for many many years... “What got you into this can get you out, fingers crossed, legs uncrossed gets you a baby!” Funny yes, but quite an accurate statement. Here is why: The semen contains natural prostaglandins. Prostaglandins efface the cervix and preparing it for labor. Now, ponder this, for years hospitals have sold moms (near term or overdue) artificial prostaglandins in a variety of forms such as prostaglandin gel or cervadil. Now, before you men go patting yourself on the back, know it is typically not the act of intercourse that gets a mom into full blown labor, but keeping the semen against the cervix that thins the cervix. At the hospital, you would be in bed girls and once the artificial prostaglandins were placed you would not get up. Same concept when used naturally at home. What goes up must come down so, you must stay put to make the best use out of your natural prostaglandins. Also, are you aware that nipple stimulation and orgasm release natural oxytocin? Oxytocin is also artificially reproduced and sold to women everyday in a synthetic form commonly called, Pitocin. I like to call it Vitamin P, when used only as needed. Just like a vitamin, it can help you get your baby out. Therefore, you shouldn’t be so opposed to it that you don’t recognize it’s benefits when truly medically needed. If your uterus is tired and contractions are slowing down, well a little Vitamin P can help. However, many women fail to even try to do the work at home that could save them both time and money. Why? Good question -maybe they just aren’t aware of what to do. Likewise, that is where and quality education comes in. They need the information and the how to’s of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets. This is why I am extra proud of Jessica! Not only did she educate herself, she asked the right questions and made solid decisions that if all possible, despite her gestational diabetes, she would do the work to at least try to get her own body into natural labor.

Husband supports wife during late labor contraction | Husband Coached

In fact, when I arrived at her home, this is what I found, "the look of a very successful natural induction!"

She was careful to over hydrate and not skip important high protein meals to sustain her body through its important work. She sent labor updates during the day and once things picked up into a solid pattern, I proceeded to drive up from Ga. When I arrived, I could not have been more proud! She was a champ, using the labor positions she had been taught, but I opened the bedroom door to find very strong contractions causing her to rise to tippy toes. That is quite instinctive to do. The uterus is pushing down and women respond to that by raising up which once gluts are engaged actually is antagonist of our job of allowing the head to move down with each contraction. I quickly corrected her and the tension fled from her body. I helped her find her shoes and down the stairs we went stopping for contractions on the way. Mike was getting their son to the neighbors, I held Jessica as she sank her bottom down and had her do a little grunting technique I often use for women bearing push phase. She found it worked beautifully and just in time. As Mike entered the kitchen another contraction commenced. They were very close together now. Mike supported Jessica as she performed her important work.

Husband holds mom during hard contraction | #YBHLaborWorkshops

I assisted Jessica into the car. She was really working now and advised dad we needed to get going, but grandma had not yet arrived to look after their daughter. Mike pulled the car around and I stood on sidewalk to let her mom in the house. All of a sudden, Jessica calls for me while jumping out of the car. I quickly attended to her as she once again sank down into my arms in the middle of the street. Her mom arrived soon after and once again I put her back in the car. May I say, I encourage all coaches to observe all traffic and safety laws. Mike was not that Coach... lol. Luckily, for the couple, I had Nancy on the curb at Novant Main when they arrived. Nancy took mom via wheelchair, while dad parked the car. Nancy observed in the elevator, her uterus was still trying to push a baby down... in fact, the security guard informed me when I gave her name, “That lady came in having a baby!” I LOVE IT!! Her birth plan was executed beautifully!

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By remaining healthy and low risk and arriving in late labor, Jessica successfully avoided typical routine interventions such as IV, excessive monitoring, antibiotics, etc. She was smart, informed and during labor at home, she even kept check on her own blood sugars. But, her labor prep began long before her baby's "birth" day, for start she attended a #YBHLaborWorkshop where they not only educated themselves on the why of natural birth, but learned practical skills designed to teach moms how to best manage their labor. With the encouragement of Your Birth Helper's own Allison Termeer, she was successful at staying encouraged to eat well and exercise properly throughout her pregnancy. She was also able to avoid insulin, despite hospital pushing it as a routine intervention.

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Nancy shared: Got to hospital ran up to room by security guard ( awesome) quick cervical check was 8 cm with bulging bag. They put her on monitor, she did a few squats over floor with hubby supporting her. I was on left side and held leg up and open. She arrived with pressure and urge to push. Kudos to Novant Main nursing staff for being hands off and basically watched, called the Dr and let the natural process happen!!! Of course, arriving ready to birth well... little time for pointless consents/papers or starting a IV. Loved the reverence to the process that was working already all on its own without medical assistance, just like Jessica had wanted. She had a few doubts (typical of transition) she asked for some IV pain meds (forgetting she hadn’t had an IV) Nancy whispered to her why? Not recommended because too far along into labor. Jessica said, “I don’t know if I can do it!” We all reassured her, all that was left was pushing baby out, that she’d Already Done it! She then prayed a precious prayer for strength to push and we tweaked her position and technique a few times!

Push phase officially had just began yet quickly ended with Dr Dean’s instructions for the final pushes to maintain control. Sadly, the Novant/ Presby way almost always involves the uncomfortableness of stirrups. We will give her doctor credit for supporting her bottom better and sparing her from stitches!!! Jessica turned inward to her core faith and belief that God would get her through, even when she had brief self doubt, she was controlled even when she didn’t think she was. Jessica even asked for a peanut ball, but labor down had happened in car and elevator. Arriving 8cm and quickly progressing, the staff apparently didn't have time to locate one. It is a little frustrating to us Doulas, why Novant rooms rarely have linens stocked, balls handy, cups, etc. basic things even pillows? And, even if a room is stocked, everything is on lock down and we can’t help the nurse or our client, because we have zero access to the basic necessities in the room.

Doula Assisted Push Phase | Your Birth Helper

"Determined, amazed, proud, energized, confident in her faith in God, willing to trust us to help her in the crucial moments!" Nancy Cook, YBHD "I walked in to Jessica on bed, her water had just spontaneously broke and she had just been checked was 10cm cleared to actively push. Jessica was doing the whole last minute “doubting herself transitional signposts” and then regrouped with a prayer in between contractions and the very next push he was born! Very controlled pushing! Her YourBirthHelper Labor Workshop worked well." Allison Termeer, YBHD

Dr Dean shared it was the best natural birth she’s experienced! What an amazing compliment to not only the couple, but the #CharlotteDoulaDreamTeam, as well.

Gestational Diabetic | 6lb 13oz estimated over 8 lbs

Words of wisdom from new mom Jessica:

Attending a YBH workshop was very helpful for coping techniques and it was a great way to involve my husband in my preparation for a natural birth. Although we couldn't commit to the full 12 week Bradley Method course, the YBH workshop really helped us learn and establish a mindset of me depending on Mike for help. Having to depend on another is not my strong suit, I'm sometimes to a fault an independent person. I worked on getting the mindset that I wasn't going to do this alone and it was ok to ask for help or tell him what I needed. It wasn't going to be a nuisance but a relationship building experience. Having constant support through Allison and Pam, was very pivotal to my success, because some days I was curious if what I was feeling was normal. Then some days, I really just needed to vent, but most of all being able to share my progress with my doctors visits was huge for me. Having gestational diabetes and being pressured into so many tests and monitoring, was definitely taxing on my psyche. I had to regroup constantly with Pam and Allison, to remind myself that listening to my body was much more important than listening to anyone else. Informed consent is something I'll never forget, to make sure I'm making the best decision for me and my family.

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Having Pam and Allison, tell me that I was capable and my body was made for this was huge for me. There was a moment in the heat of pushing, that I was giving up on my ability to push the baby out and Allison gave me a very stern reminder that I can ABSOLUTELY do this. It was a great moment between us that I'll never forget. She transferred her belief onto me and I got my strength back and did this birth my way with no medical intervention. Pam was pivotal arriving at my house at 10:30 at night, when I was entering transition and really losing my ways to cope. She reminded me of a technique involving my husband, where I could sink down and lean on him and it helped tremendously. Nancy was a huge part of my success too... she was able to give me information which let me know what to expect from the doctors. This was very important, because I was labeled "high risk" and I needed to know the expectations. These 3 ladies made my pregnancy so much better in so many ways. Part of giving birth, is also all the things you do to prepare during the 9 months you are pregnancy. I avoided an induction, insulin, csection and routine medical intervention all together. Thanks to these ladies! Having Isaiah is one of my most prized moments in life and thanks to the low intervention way In which I was able to “give birth,” my recovery time has been so short and honestly much easier than I imagined it could be! Going into this early on, I was terrified of the recovery time, because my last child took me months to recover. Right now, as I write, Isaiah is only 12 days old and I'm feeling great! I have 2 other children about to start school and my husband is back to work. I'm able to manage the house without any real down time. I never expected to be able to do what I'm doing a short 12 days later.

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If I were to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing about Isaiah's arrival or my pregnancy. This birth and pregnancy was the opposite of my first child in all the right ways. I only wish I would have known about all of these things the first time around. This team of women are extremely capable of helping any woman stay healthy during her pregnancy, train to “give birth” how she wants. We truly had the happiest “birth” day EVER!! I can't stop sharing how important it is to have the support of a Doula or Doula team, who is truly committed to helping you make your dreams come true. Jessica Graham Easton

Congrats again to Mike, Jessica, Faith and Wesley for their #SymbioticBirth and

their 6 lb 13 oz addition (despite an ultrasound advising an 8lb baby). A machine is still a machine... focus on what you can control daily: what goes in your mouth, your exercise level, training for labor and leave the rest to Mother Nature and good care.

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