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I made the decision to cram Pam's classes in the last 4 weeks of my 40 weeks. I ended up carrying 13 days past my due date and doing every thing I could to induce labor naturally, trying to avoid an induction due to the associated risks and required monitoring. I would highly recommend the classes, not only because of the invaluable education, but for the opportunity to meet other couples and because they are fun!! Lastly, I gave birth naturally to a 10.2 oz baby boy after 20+ hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing!! There is no way I would have been successful without Pam, and my husband would tell you that she is a God. I absolutely second that!!!  You couldn't pay us to go through childbirth without Pam's assistance.  On top of the education and doula/photography, Pam offers ongoing love, support, encouragement, guidance and resources. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful birth family!!!! Okay, that wasn't so short, but I can't say enough good things about not only Pam, but all of the wonderful people I've met through her, that I now happily call my friends/support group. You won't regret a penny spent, or a minute that you invest in this process. Good luck and have fun!!!     

Tracy Barber, Indian Trail, NC


I don't need to sell you on Pam and the amazing work that she does based on the glowing reviews that everyone has shared :). I will just stress that it is a great way of getting your husband involved in the birthing process and to help you feel peace that no matter what comes your way you will both be prepared. I enjoyed the classes where we role played labor and positions as that was important for me due to my back injury. Also, the class where we discussed all of the potential birthing issues and scenarios was good for someone like me who likes to know the "worst-case scenario".  Good luck to you and enjoy this journey to meet your new little love!

Heather Serfass, Charlotte, NC



Pregnancy did not come easy for us.  I was an IVF mom who needed one slight intervention to get myself into labor. It was a hard crossroad to decide which path to take, but truly because of the traditional 12 weeks of Bradley classes, we were able to make these decisions and feel good about them because of how educated we were. Outside of the non-drug related induction, everything else was intervention and drug free. My husband and I feel strongly that there's no way this would have been possible by any means without the help of our doulas (we had 2) and our training with Pam. No way. I also have experienced a lot of medical trauma in my life and have high anxiety in these situations because of it, and even with all that against me, the training and the doulas made this one of the happiest days of my life, hands down. Pam is an amazing support before, during, and even after labor. She truly brings you into a family (herself included, as well as, like-minded women/mommies) and I am so very thankful.    

Arpita Byrnes  Charlotte, NC  (Ballantyne)


Without Pam's training for me, and most importantly my husband, we would have never made it through my labor without medication or intervention. Pam supported and encouraged me while I was facing induction at my 42 week mark and luckily went into labor the DAY before! Pam was by my side the whole way. Her services and expertise are invaluable! 

Samantha Abbott, Charlotte, NC  (Plaza Midwood)


I echo the ladies. Pamela was our doula and she does an amazing job at making you feel relaxed and ensuring things go smoothly. We also took the 12 week Bradley series. The reason why I believe that the class is priceless is because it really prepares your partner for the big day. During my pregnancy, I was adamant about laboring at home as long as possible and staying calm.  Well... things change once you are actually in labor :) and if it wasn't for my husband reminding me about what we learned and being an awesome coach, I would have had a very different experience. In summary - taking the class and hiring Pamela as our doula was truly life changing. I've met some amazing women that will now be my life long friends and its an amazing support group once you have your little one. Pamela has done a great job of creating a family. So, not only will you get the best possible outcome during your delivery, but 

you will also have a large support group once your baby is born to assist you with anything you need. 

Best, Evie Berry, Matthews, NC

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