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Hi I'm Kori Mosher, CCE, CD and If you are interested in experiencing a low intervention birth, natural childbirth or desire VBAC  support, look no further.  I am a Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Doula now serving birth clients in Bristol, TN and surrounding areas!  I am so happy to be bringing Your Birth Helper support to TN!  As both a former client and now the newest YBH Team member, allow me to share this program works!  I personally trained with Your Birth Helper and rocked my own labor and births totally drug-free.  YOU CAN TOO!

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was so excited…until my fear set in. I spoke with a close friend about my fears and she mentioned the Bradley Method® and said I would have a book coming in the mail. I was fortunate enough to hear about a better way, an empowering way to walk through pregnancy and giving birth. My husband and I started researching this method, and that’s when we found Pam, a local  Childbirth Educator and Doula.  We signed up for the 12 weeks of birthing classes in hopes that all of our concerns and fears would be relieved.  Surely, a 12 week childbirth class would be sufficient!


During these classes my fears were addressed, discussed and met with comfort and reassurance. Pam firmly reminded me that the process was natural and my body was indeed built for this. We learned so much in that class and we had fun. We did our best to implement and practice everything from eating well, to exercising, practicing relaxation and more. We also decided to hire Pam to be our Doula just in case we forgot something when the time came.  Like I said, I wanted to be prepared! Fortunately, my labor was spontaneous (after being 11 days late and yes this is OK), I did not experience any complications, and we did indeed accomplish a low-intervention, natural childbirth.  I could hardly believe that I had overcome one of the greatest fears and goals of my life, and I had become a mom with the most supportive team!


Since then, my husband and I have experienced a second natural childbirth. It's truly amazing what our bodies can do.  My experiences of preparation and childbirth were so significant that I want to share with others what I have gained. Birthing stories are deeply personal for women, and I want to help those stories to be better. I have come to believe in the power of childbirth education, emotional support, and practicing relaxation. My journey into becoming a childbirth educator primarily revolves around the conviction, desire and passion for moms and babies to be as healthy as possible.  There are many things we cannot control.  However, we sometimes neglect or forget the variables that we can control like diet, exercise, relaxation practice, drug-free pain management, and trained emotional support. Often, education and support makes the difference.  This is where I would love for my story to intersect with yours. 


I am so proud to be a part of the Your Birth Helper® team to help educate, assist, and support couples who want more for their birth experience. The Your Birth Helper Team has childbirth educators and doulas in GA, SC, NC, and I am proud to be bringing it to northeast TN! 


The team has over 75 years of combined experience in childbirth education and labor and delivery.  Labor has been likened to a marathon, because it takes skill, a mindset, strength, determination and endurance. I do not regret preparing for my childbirth experiences, and I would love to help you prepare for yours.


Please reach out to me via phone, 423 742 7055 or on instagram @korimosher_yourbirthhelper


Our YBH Doula Teams are growing and serving Ga, Nc, Sc and TN in-person and rural or out of state couples virtually or Athens, Ga retreat escapes .  Email or connect with us on our YBH Spaces app for info on classes, training events, educational blog stories, expanded coverage for doula support and more...

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