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South Carolina doula Mackenzie

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Mackenzie Brigman, CCE, CD  
is now serving birth clients along SC/NC border town, to Charlotte and all the way to Charleston! 

Hi! I'm Mackenzie. My passion and drive to become a YBH childbirth educator and certified doula was first fueled after so many of you reached out to me with a yearning to know more about my home birth journey.  As many of you shared, I came to realize many have no idea how wonderful childbirth can be, even in its most rare and natural form, "drug and medical intervention free at home.  Maybe, somehow, someway, God can use me to create positive changes through more labor and birth options for those in more rural areas and across the nation, not less.  I am blessed to reside in Lancaster, South Carolina. Our state recognizes the importance of licensing medical professionals who have trained in midwifery and demonstrate competence to serve families who desire to give birth outside of a hospital.  With a current shortage of midwives, and way more pregnant moms than practices can manage across our nation, it is important to help couples understand birthing options in their area, including which practices or birth places may align with their desires for their birth.  As healthy, low risk pregnant people they deserve access to freestanding birth centers and midwife assisted home birth and be properly supported with prenatal and better postpartum care.  Being healthy and low risk, after research, I ultimately elected to have my first baby at home, with the assistance of a local SC midwife.  It was a great decision for me and my family.  Every mom deserves the right to choose where she gives birth.


I am thrilled to have Pam, Nancy and our entire YBH team, personally pouring into and adding to my basic doula knowledge daily.  We are always updating and adding to our doula bag.  Always learning and utilizing new pain reducing techniques, better positioning, etc. to help our clients experience the least amount of discomfort, whether in or out of hospital.  The combined expertise of our teammates ensures clients can greatly benefit from hands on 35+ yrs of LDR nursing expertise, to 32+ yrs of natural childbirth education and 12+ years of YBH Doula support in Charlotte and surrounding areas.  I am beyond thrilled to be part of the Your Birth Helper® advanced skilled doula teams.  The YBH low intervention/ drug free #symbioticbirth training and overall concept can be utilized no matter where you give birth.  YBH Doulas do not practice medicine, but educate, train, and help advocate and support the laboring moms preferences before, during and after giving birth.   I would love to be your in-person YBH Doula and help you have a happier "BIRTH" day whether that is in Rock Hill/ Ft. Mill, South Carolina or over the border in the Charlotte area of North Carolina.  Live in Charleston, SC?  I would be happy to explore assisting your birth on that side of the state, as well.  As for all you lovely moms in logistically challenged areas, we offer virtual childbirth classes and VIRTUAL DOULA SUPPORT too!  Don't forget to follow me on social @mackenzie_yourbirthhelper!

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