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Athens Doula Raeanne

Athens doula Raeanne

Raeanne de Melo, CCE, CD

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First off, Congratulations! I am so looking forward to helping you experience an amazing "birth"day. 


I am a Georgia mother of 2 beautiful children both of which I have brought into the world unmedicated thanks to the proven techniques I learned in Your Birth Helper's 12 week north Ga Bradley Method® course.


After training, we understood YBH doula support would further increase our chances of avoiding additional unnecessary medical interventions and to help us better advocate our birth wishes.


I not only utilized the YBH program, I executed my labors epidural-free despite two medical inductions.  Yes, it CAN be done!  If you are facing medical induction or other factors which may seem scary, fear is not your friend.  It was then the fire was lit and I knew I also wanted to help educate and support others like YBH and Pam did for me.

My family and friends know me to be the helpful, passionate, and warm/caring person in our friend group.  It was no surprise to them when I shared, I would be paying it forward.  It's my pleasure to share with you how good birth can actually be and I would be honored to support you on the frontline as your YBH doula and childbirth educator!

There is no need to fear the unknowns of birth, when you can be educated and prepared to take on any challenges you face.

Thank you for considering me to empower you along your journey!  This is such a beautiful time and if you have entered your second trimester, we have no time to waste.  Contact me to get started training today!  

Raeanne de Melo, CCE, CD, YBHD



Our Georgia Teams are growing and serving even more of our beautiful state and beyond virtually.  Stay tuned for upcoming info on even more classes, training events, expanded coverage for doula support and more...

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