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Our goal for all our students & clients...

Prepare to overcome challenges associated in giving birth with as few medical interventions as possible~ Experience Your Birth Your Way ~Avoid common obstacles~ Reduce unnecessary pain~ Enhance your relationship through a teamwork approach and Return Joy to the birth process! 

#SymbioticBirth it's our mission!  You can enjoy a hospital birth.   Let us show you how!



Although, I never planned to use an epidural, I also did not plan to be induced.  Sometimes, the plans change.  The YBH Charlotte doula team helped us understand we could STILL have a happy "BIRTH"day!  Induction came with so many medical interventions and variables to consider.  We relied on our 4 wk #SymbioticBirth training which definitely came in handy during my unplanned induction.  I can't imagine trying to "wing it" as so many couples do. Having childbirth experts at our side was priceless! 

Rebecca & Kyle Black

Ballantyne, North Carolina

IMG_3865 3.HEIC

I tell people Pam that you are my fairy God mother!  You showed up in my life like an angel exactly when I needed you most. And, to think so many take a childbirth class or hire a doula that 's just a one day relationship.  I am part of an amazing #birthfamily.  As a single mom, I am forever grateful for both you and Lena for the 24/7 access when I needed to chat, and for your time walking with me to promote and progress labor.  I could not have given birth drug-free without you!  Thanks so much for everything!


Chelsea & Baby Zydn

Charlotte, North Carolina

Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator


Lena May, CCE, CD

Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator


Nancy Cook, BSN, CCE, CD 

Co-founder of Symbiotic Birth

Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator

Pam with babies Clt.jpeg

PamelaSauls, CMT, CCE, CD

Your Birth Helper CEO

Certified Doula & Childbirth Educator

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