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Meet the Charlotte Doula Dream Team

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With a combined 75 years of experience in childbirth education, labor and delivery nursing, doula and postpartum support,

our expertise is skyscrapers above the rest!


We're the Queen City creators of

Symbiotic Birth 

Prepare to overcome challenges associated in giving birth with as few medical interventions as possible~ Experience Your Birth Your Way ~Avoid common obstacles~ Reduce unnecessary pain~ Enhance your relationship through a teamwork approach and Return Joy to the birth process! 

Let us show you how!

Schedule your childbirth training or doula consultation with a local team member today. 


Although, I never planned to use an epidural, I also did not plan to be induced.  Sometimes, the plans change.  The YBH Charlotte doula team helped us understand we could STILL have a happy "BIRTH"day!  Induction came with so many medical interventions and variables to consider.  We relied on our 4 wk #SymbioticBirth training which definitely came in handy during my unplanned induction.  I can't imagine trying to "wing it" as so many couples do. Having childbirth experts at our side was priceless! 

Rebecca & Kyle Black

Ballantyne, North Carolina

I tell people Pam that you are my fairy God mother!  You showed up in my life like an angel exactly when I needed you most. And, to think so many take a childbirth class or hire a doula that 's just a one day relationship.  I am part of an amazing #birthfamily.  As a single mom, I am forever grateful for both you and Lena for the 24/7 access when I needed to chat, and for your time walking with me to promote and progress labor.  I could not have given birth drug-free without you!  Thanks so much for everything!


Chelsea & Baby Zydn

YBH LCertified Doula & Childbirth Educator


Lena May, CCE, CD

YBH Doula & Childbirth Educator


Nancy Cook, BSN, CCE, CD 

Co-founder of Symbiotic Birth

YBH Doula & Childbirth Educator

Pam with babies Clt.jpeg

PamelaSauls, CMT,CCE,CD

Your Birth Helper CEO

YBH Doula & Childbirth Educator

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