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How a little spark of knowledge can fuel and flame motivation to Birth Your Way.

Dear World,

Allow me to introduce Barrett Mason, born epidural free despite the challenges of a slow to dilate cervix and early urges to push (no doubt a challenging push phase indeed) was placed skin to skin on his mothers chest by midwife, Sage as he drew his first breath.

Before first Breath | Mom and Dad meet their baby

Simultaneously, as he let out his first cry to communicate for the very first time, his mother cried out, "OH MY GOD!" Daddy just cried tears of joy! Nurse Robin called out 15:38 (time of birth) said, "Hello BIG BOY, let me get those brown bubbles." Baby Barrett couldn't wait for that first diaper- HIM HAD TO GO! Meconium happens.

The baby nurses, along with the rest, cheered and celebrated Amanda's devotion to the natural process, along with Barrett's hard work entering into this amazing world. Some wonder, Why Natural Birth- Why does it matter? There are many reasons both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, although you may or may not share the same views as the expectant couple, as there are many options in birthing today: in hospital, out of hospital, midwife, doctor, a private event, friends or family present, what matters is MOM feels totally comfortable with HER DECISION MAKING and HER WISHES for HER BIRTH ARE SUPPORTED & ENCOURAGED! Not debated, not questioned just SUPPORTED & ENCOURAGED. She may not be able to have a check mark off each line item on her birth plan. You see, IT MATTERS! In the end, as an educated couple, who understands the difference between informed consent, medically necessary and unnecessary routine interventions, IT MATTERS that she not only was supported but maybe even more so, "did she feel ENCOURAGED to give birth?" No doubt, during such a long challenging labor of love, MOM deserves at least that.

Husband Coached Childbirth | The Bradley Method®

The history books call it the John 16:21 birth. An unjoyful marathon... now make no mistake when I get upstairs God and I will have a conversation about adjective "unjoyful" being used to further describe "travail". You see it wasn't just mom who worked hard, DAD DID TOO! Aaron was an AMAZING HUSBAND COACH.

Laboring on Toilet | Managing labor pain naturally

He worked tirelessly along side of Amanda utilizing positions and relaxation techniques they had learned about in their twelve week childbirth training in The Bradley Method®. Their childbirth instructor, should be extremely proud of them. Few couples understand the value of properly preparing to "GIVE BIRTH" we do NOT have to have our Baby DELIVERED from our body. The uterus when healthy does the work and we as women must learn how to ALLOW it to work NOT FIGHT the LABOR PROCESS.

Amanda #NailedIt ~ she assumed the necessary positions to progress her labor despite the unpleasantries associated with some positions like sitting on the toilet where we instinctively relax the correct muscles. Every wondered why our bodies want to do the opposite of what they should during labor? I mean, we have the body parts- why then do we not instinctively know what to do with them? Yup, I ask the creator that all the We are fortunate, the Bradley Method® is still taught to this day with great success for couples seeking a low intervention natural birth.

Dad kisses Mom during hard labor contractions

By the way, those who prepare for natural birth are not overly pain tolerant people, THEY ARE SMART PEOPLE! They use common sense, they understand they are a paying consumer who, if educated on the process, understand, if healthy and low risk, they have MANY MORE OPTIONS. Now pause, wrap your brain around this concept, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE HOW YOUR BODY WORKS DURING THE LABOR AND BIRTH PROCESS, how every will you know whether you will need interventions such as an IV, amniotomy, epidural, pitocin, episiotomy, what pushing position you feel most comfortable in, etc. how will you know how to properly nurse your baby, etc.? There is no such thing as a painless childbirth. We simply have choices as to which phase of the process will be uncomfortable. You can pay to prepare yourself ahead of time, or you can pay to have multiple interventions/pain management even surgery to bring your child into the world. Now as a matter of perspective, many feel preparation is key and as for your pocket book, most also come out way better on that end too.

Husband helps relax mom during late labor

Please understand BOYS, if mom doesn't quite even understand the ends and outs herself, even with the body parts, then you guys are surely doomed.

Dad supports his wife during labor down process

As a loving partner or husband, you will want to reach out and assist your wife during the difficult journey of labor, but your hands will be tied, you have ZERO KNOWLEDGE TO ASSIST OR SUPPORT HER. You will be left in a position to question everything you know, have every heart string pulled, because the one you love lies in pain and you can't help her because you didn't take time to learn how. Some men, not so clueless, make an educated decision that childbirth education and doula services are too expensive, require too much time, don't fit our schedule nor our budget.

First, allow me to share Aaron had every reason to use that excuse he works 2:30am and works through the night- they figured out how to make it work because they made their baby a priority before he was even born. Aaron, Ms.Pam could not be more proud of YOU! If only I could CLONE you for all the other women who lack support and encouragement through this difficult journey into parenthood.

Dad cuts the cord

Daddy to Be not anymore | Daddy Birth Bracelet

Mom was no doubt exhausted, but perked up quickly after two large glasses of orange juice, to celebrate along side of us. Dad cut the cord and set his son free and both daddy and Barrett received their bracelets!

Aaron also quickly removed his "Daddy to Be" sticker and rejoiced in the birth of his BIG BOY!!!!! If baby Barrett grows up to be like his daddy, then he will no doubt make a fine Husband Coach himself one day!!

Skin to skin with Daddy | Daddy helped Born Me

On behalf of the entire YourBirthHelper team, Congratulations and Happy "BIRTH" day to Amanda, Aaron & Barrett Mason. May you grow to completely understand and comprehend that your parents DECIDED YOU BARRETT were worth all the love, effort, study and application and that you were born into the physically strong football loving arms of your daddy, too! Your sweet momma now completely agrees, She couldn't have done this without SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT from not just your father, but also her amazing Birth Team! It was our pleasure to have helped train and support you to BIRTH YOUR WAY! Remember, you began as students but you end as Family.

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