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Labor is not always shorter the 2nd time around

YBH trained Coach assists mom during contraction

Couples often expect labor to be shorter the second time around, that is not always the case as Kelsey and Trey Welch recently experienced.  As second time parents, Trey seemed to be way more calm and ready this time than Kelsey herself. Between work, Harper, (their near two year old) and feeling as if little time to actually train or prepare for this baby, they were quite grateful they had formerly completed 12 weeks of childbirth education in The Bradley Method® and planned to rely on that training this time, as well.  To refresh their memory, they attended two Your Birth Helper labor workshops and reviewed positioning to progress labor, etc. and its a good thing, because Kelsey had shared this labor was not just longer than her first, but way more intense.  

The couple executed their baby evacuation homework with great success and contractions commenced around midnight.  They called me to their home around 11am the next day.  I had the couple try a few new positions to better manage her near 90 second long contractions.  Kelsey, being tiny framed, also found the hip flexor stretches and the peanut ball to be quite helpful during a 30 minute nap before we headed to CMC Pineville.  It was a hot day, but not too hot to take in some good positions in the parking lot before heading into triage. 

Husband Coached Labor | Bradley Method® training

Full squat during hard labor | YourBirthHelper Trained

We were quite blessed it was a terribly busy day for the hospital and they had asked Nancy Cook if she would be willing to come in.  It seems everyone in CLT had decided it was a great day for a baby.  One thing a great doula team can do for you even with labor/baby #2, 3 or 4 is provide constant support before, during and after labor and birth.  Having 24/7 support is crucial to some moms remaining calm and relaxed avoiding stress hormones to even begin labor to start with, as well as, support and encouragement during every stage of labor.  Sometimes, its the Coach who finds great comfort in doula support!  To have the reassurance labor is progressing, the position is good and assist in a variety of ways in between nurse and midwife checks, even just giving dad an opportunity to step out for a few minutes to use restroom, eat, etc. Trey and Kelsey both were champs especially with such long contractions, back labor type pain for mom and little time to recoup in between contractions. They say a picture says a thousand words, so... ENJOY & BE ENCOURAGED!  

Labor can be very manageable. Contractions are hard work yet don't have to consume you unless you do things wrong. The key to avoiding unnecessary pain is train and learn the tricks of the trade and how to best get through hard labor.  When we assume correct positions as shown here, we can keep labor progressing and when mom gets tired because labor is taking a little longer than normal, nature gives you some breaks and it is important mom gets some rest (at least in between contractions), focuses inward on her relaxation and keeps active especially during waking hours.  Don't be afraid to use the shower, tub, squat bars, peanut ball, toilet, etc. variety is key and staying out of the bed is imperative, particularly if mom is having back labor pain, as well.  Trey worked tirelessly around his wife's needs.  Through each contraction, he physically assisted, emotionally supported and verbally coached Kelsey.   

I could not have been a more proud Childbirth Teacher or Doula.  As Dr. Bradley shared all those years ago, "A Trained Husband Coach can do way more for his laboring wife than any amount of medication."  It was evident Kelsey was prepared, yet tired, motivated, yet at times, overwhelmed by the length of her contractions and them not letting up, but further intensifying.  Kelsey did an amazing controlled job with her labor down phase.  She chose the "singing method."  Her "I surrender ALL" praise and worship song, came in quite handy!  It allowed her to execute brilliantly the baby "inch-worming" its way down the birth canal while we had her in hands and knees over the top of bed.  No further internal exams were necessary, because the head began to descend.  Once the green light was given to actively push, Kelsey pushed approximately 12 minutes and her 8 lb 2 oz baby was in her arms with both Kelsey's and Trey's mom witnessing.  Her preferred pushing position was side lie, with only one leg to manage, in an open pelvis position she skillfully eased her baby out under the instruction of her midwife. Not sure where that big chunk was hiding?  Shall I say, he had two sausage rolls on the back of his neck? Hahaa!!  He began nursing right away and the couple arrived back home the following evening.  Remember, if mom and baby are ok simply ask for early discharge.  You will find your own bed way more relaxing and when other siblings are part of the equation, your little ones meeting their siblings is quite an exciting part of additional children, as well, as did Big SIster, Harper!

Nancy  Cook, RN CMC Pineville | Natural friendly nurse

Squat bedside | Your Birth Helper Labor Trained

Doula Allison Termeer assists with back labor relief

Hospital labor with squat bar | Husband Coached

Its a BOY! | Surprise gender birth | Your Birth Helper

Hard Labor in Tub | Peanut ball use in tub

Grandparents witness birth | Dad introduces mom to baby

First hairdo by Your Birth Helper | Allison Termeer, YBHD graduation birth

Drug Free Labor/ Birth | Natural Birth Nurse Nancy Cook | CMC Pineville

Happy "Birth" day Party with Your Birth Helper | Piedmont OBGYN

Congratulations to second time parents, Kelsey & Trey Welch, big sister, Harper and both sets of grandparents!  I am especially proud of Doula Graduate, Allison Termeer!

Special thanks again to the amazing Natural Birth Champion, Nancy Cook, RN

The awesome midwives of Piedmont OBGYN and

The fabulous Jennifer Crumpler, CNM 

#CharlotteDoulaDreamTeam was happy to be part of another surprise gender birth... Its A BOY!!!!!  

We are so proud of our clients and commend them for training in advance for their happy "BIRTH" day!!!! 

Words of advice for expectant Moms / Couples reading this: 

(no matter what baby), Prepare for each as if you did the first.  I like to call it "selfish time!"  Your other children will be ok, your new baby deserves the time and unless you plan to have your other children at the birth, don't forget to arrange your childcare so YOU and this baby can be the focus when active labor commences because labor is not always easier nor shorter the second time around!

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