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I began teaching The Bradley® Method, otherwise known as, Husband Coached Childbirth, in 1991. After having my own natural birth experience, I developed a strong desire to help other mothers give birth with as little discomfort as possible by teaching the coach to assist the laboring mom in managing labor pain with various relaxation techniques.  I had the pleasure of having lunch with Dr. Robert Bradley numerous times before his passing.  Years later, I studied the art of relaxation in Atlanta and trained under amazing professors at the Atlanta School of Massage. My training includes certifications in: Swedish, Neuromuscular, Orthopedic Assessment/ Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Spa Therapies and my personal favorite THAI MASSAGE. Nothing like the power of touch & smell to calm the laboring woman.  The nurses, doctor's & midwives enjoy aromatherapy too.

My company is founded on the principal that the female body was perfectly designed for this ennobling work, the power of knowledge & The Hawthorne Effect (the effect of personal attention on another).  With education, we learn our choices.  With options, we plan our target birth. With practice, comes ability.  Training both mom & dad on what to expect & how to work with labor, takes the fear out of birthing. We have to have a contraction to give birth.  What we don't have to do is have even more discomfort from doing things incorrectly during a contraction. Birth is the most athletic event a woman will ever do.  One worth your time and money to train for your personal birth marathon.  A one day, no re-do event.  For the average woman, there is no such thing as a painless birth.  You simply must choose when you desire to be uncomfortable.  The simplest choice is during labor, however, you can delay until before or after medication kicks in or wears off, till after surgery for 6 weeks recovery, but inevitably, at some point during this motherhood journey, you will experience discomfort & pain.  Now, how you react to it determines whether it is the least amount possible. And, that only comes from proper training, practice & then application of what you have learned. Just like a true marathon, you would not sign up  and go run the race the next day.  Likewise, use your time wisely.  There is much to learn. I leave you with this final statement.  My motto, You begin as students, but you end as family. #birthfamily  It would be my utmost pleasure to assist you in having a very happy "birth"day!

Our goal is to have specialty trained Your Birth Helper Doula's on the ground serving clients who have a strong desire to experience a low intervention birth or medically necessary induction or belly birth with their wishes for their labor and birth supported. By eliminating routine interventions, thus having only medically necessary ones, our clients experience what we like to call #SymbioticBirth or Happy "Birth"days!