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4cm ~ who cares!

I always stand amazed at the level of dedication to the natural process most all of my clients have. They rise above hiccups one at a time. They listen to my suggestions and assume positions that they would rather not because they trust in their body's ability to complete the job even if labor takes longer or goes much faster than first expected. Alice was 4cm upon arrival to Baby & Co. Charlotte but we knew better.

Her body was in full on "baby is coming mode." Sometimes, even the midwife is taken by surprise. You see this was our second time around. I was also their doula with their first out of hospital birth in Fort Mill, SC. We had pushed for 6 hours to get her first baby out. In every position under the shining sun. It was the birthing stool that worked best. This time, I said we are NOT doing that. You shall labor down and when we see a head then we'll push. She agreed. We walked for about 10 minutes when I began hearing vibrations. I advised the midwife to call her backup. Approx 30-45 minutes after being told she was only 4cm, her body commenced Operation push a baby out. I shared with the midwife, ok I've got a head... did you call your backup? Needless to say, the backup did not make it and I thought I was catching a baby for a minute when the midwife quickly stepped in to assist.

Dad also reached down and helped his wife bring the baby up to her chest. And, just like that in Birth room #3 their family added another baby girl and the

three became four.

Congrats to a very special power couple! If you haven't visited Grand Asian Market in Stallings, NC I suggest you do - not only is the store amazing, the Avocado Smoothies w/boba & the owners are too 😉

No matter where you choose to birth or with whom remember, the key phrase of doing business: Is mom okay - is baby okay? If both answers are yes then "What is the problem?" But we don't stop their, then they ask "what are our OTHER OPTIONS, bc many times in hospital settings what is being proposed is what they want to do not necessarily what is medically necessary for mom or baby. Don't be fooled into believing you have to do everything you are told just bc that's a hospital policy or this doctor likes to do it this way. Many people have no idea what the Patients Bill of Rights is nor how to be an educated consumer when it comes to medical services. There are always choices - choose wisely where & with whom you decide to Birth because it just may determine whether it's a happy "birth"day or not. And, FYI you still get the bill so, if you are healthy & low risk expect your wishes for your birth to be supported.

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