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Daddy-To-be, Not anymore...

Stamina, Marathon Endurance, Super Natural Inner Strength, The PEACE of an awesome Creator, The work of an amazing Birth Team & The Prayers of a fabulous birth family heart emoticon Thats what words come to mind ~ well, that & Semper Fi... Always Faithful. This little cutie, Lillie Annalehs Keller entered the world with a super short cord (less than 12 inches) on Oct.17, weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz. and Mom overcame a very challenging push phase for the best way to put it- kind of like trying to push a baby out connected to a bungie cord thats where the amazing Birth Team & Prayers Lifted came in very handy.

I stand amazed at the dedication of two very special individuals who trained with me for over 12 weeks & applied what they learned. Mom rocked her labor with relaxation techniques, great positioning & dad was an amazing coach. Congrat's to Lori & Heath Keller for a job well done. She believed she was designed to give birth naturally, she trained to endure her labor marathon & she ran it exceedingly well with the help of her dedicated coach! ‪ #‎CrossFit‬ would be proud. Baby Lillie is perfect in every way.

Still think natural birth without medication throughout labor or birth is not possible, better think again! Kudos to Melissa Kempter Nau for all her support as LDR Nurse and the amazing Jennifer Crumpler, Midwife with CMC Pineville for all their hard work. Props to Dr. Fox for her spinning baby skills, as well. No Posterior babies on Dr. Fox's watch! The Bradley Method® thanks you all for your support of natural birth and, of course, so does ‪ #‎OneProudDoula‬ ‪#‎OneProudChildbirthTeacher‬

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