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Natural labor and Natural Birth this time around!

Women empowering women! That’s what we do and if I do say so myself, “My Your Birth Helper Team does it so well!”

Mom, Monserrat Resendiz contacted us desiring a natural childbirth. She had been medically induced twice and utilized epidural for pain managemen, but she believed she could both encourage spontaneous labor naturally and with training, guidance and encouragement she too could give birth naturally. And, that’s just what she did!

YBH team member, Nikki Reeves, ICCE taught her labor workshop virtually. Her husband had to work and could not join the call and she was overseeing her other two kids, but she took lots of notes and no doubt shared with her husband just in case baby #3 decided to jump out at home, because it happens.

Monserrat, who we call Santa started this new journey by trading her former doctors office and switching to Piedmont OBGYN midwives to have her birth wishes supported. She also decided to add a doula team to best manage her own labor drug-free. Instead of purchasing her relaxation in the form of an epidural, she learned to release the unknowns, leave her stress behind and not try to control her labor, but be present and allow her body do it’s valuable work. She also did a fabulous job preparing her body in advance. Lots of walking, weird spicy foods, stretching, pressure points and even THAI RED HOT soup. She was a willing participant in trying anything to avoid medical induction and her efforts paid off BIG!

She not only achieved both of her goals, she had been baby in about one hour and forty minutes! Let’s just say upon arrival they got her out of triage REAL QUICK… hahaa! Yup, Baby Galilea Silva came so quick and unexpected! 😍

Special thanks to her husband for all his support, her mother for caring for the other children, Amelie’s Bakery Pineville for our awesome cocoa/ coffee, YBH Doula Lena May for offering her home/ subdivision for labor prep. Doula candidate Anniston Eberhart for all her help, midwife Eva Stover, CNM who quickly caught baby, her fabulous postpartum nurse, our own Nancy Cook, BSN, CD, and all the other staff who showed them TLC.

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