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Here we grow again...

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Charlotte Couple prepares to give birth to their first baby with & Teams.
Oh happy day ~ Baby on the way

Sometimes, due dates come and go. In fact, most healthy women will carry beyond their estimated due date. Few pregnant moms want to hear this. There are lots of well meaning people, but the problem remains when your estimated due date comes and goes, these same well meaning people often make very disparaging remarks. Statements such as you haven't scheduled your induction yet? Are they talking c-section? Oh my shouldn't you have had the baby already? If you carry much longer your baby may get so big that you can get him out...people just have a tendency to go there even when they could choose something positive to say. Consider how much more motivating if you said, Wow any day now you will have a baby in your arms! Your labor could happen anytime! Every baby and mom are unique, your body knows what to do. Good for you for doing what you can to encourage labor and prepare your body for giving birth! Those would all be extremely welcomed comments to a near term mom.

Laboring mom attempts hands and knees position in triage
Triage Beds are not known for comfort

Sometimes, you may need to reconsider going back home if your labor is slow to progress, especially if your medical team encourages you to do so. As you can see here, triage rooms are quite lacking in comfort measures. Specifically, the bed is sadly far from relaxing. You would be way more comfy in your own living room, own bed or bath tub. Genevieve decided she preferred to stay in the hospital vs. get back in the car with her back labor pains. She used hands and knees to try to relieve her back discomfort, but sadly they remained in the triage room for almost 8 hours. When our body relies upon relaxation to progress during labor, you can see how this uncomfortable situation in triage may contribute to more tension which works antagonistically against progressing labor.

When the couple finally were assigned a room, Genevieve opted for use of epidural to try to relieve the back pain and progress labor. They were both awfully sleep deprived, but even with a little rest much hard work was ahead of her with second stage approaching.

After almost three hours of pushing, entirely exhausted from her long journey into motherhood. Mom and Dad opt for help with vacuum extractor to get her posterior baby under the pubic bone. Although, it was not their ideal birth experience, Genevieve just kept visualizing her baby exiting her body. And, with the help of a supportive team did not have to result to caesarean section to give birth. The good news is they did not give up and with two more good pushes, along with the help of their OBGYN, their beautiful handsome son emerged. Something tells me everyone in the room was relieved and couldn't get enough of that head full of hair! Welcome to the warrior woman club Genevieve ~ girl, you did it and K.P. worked right alongside you all the way!

newborn born assisted by midwife Tina Hayes, CNM
Baby boy is born after days of back labor

WELCOME TO THE WORLD CHARLES HARRISON!!!! Your parents worked extremely hard to bring you into the world safely, but something tells me they have already decided it was worth all their efforts... even days worth!

On behalf of the #CharlotteDoulaDreamTeam we salute your efforts! Special thanks to the midwives of Carmel OBGYN and the supportive nurses of Novant Matthews. It was our pleasure to serve you in preparing for your labor marathon. You began as students, but you end as family, #CharlotteBirthFamily! Thank you for choosing & teams!


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