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Catching Baby #2

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Melody and her husband Wilson allowed us the privilege of helping with their first baby and the second was just as exciting! Their surprise gender baby was going to keep them guessing as her due date came and went. The YBH team planned a lunch and walk the greenway day and preparations were underway to get this baby down and out. Sure even saw Dr. Kelley Helmendach regularly to adjust her pelvis. We had a second girl‘s day to encourage labor in combination with a membrane sweep. Following her appointment, we took her to eat Thai red soup at New Zealand cafe and it wasn’t long after she felt contractions. I helped progress labor with a combination of acupressure points, a relaxation session including a relaxing foot rub after walking the hills for hours in the subdivision including some curb walking and some squats. Later, she returned home to square away their other son with Grandma and quietly labor at home until she felt time to get checked out. She was admitted around 4cm, unbeknownst to her. Which was good because she didn’t stay there long.

I met Wilson and Melody at Atrium Pineville and because the hospital was busy and needing reinforcements, Nancy happened to be working on her off day. Wilson said in the car she lit up like a Christmas tree 🎄 when she found out!!

Once admitted to her room the contractions were pretty strong. Over the next couple hours, she tried multiple positions (hands & knees, deep squat with Wilson supporting her on birthing ball, standing & walking, and labored in the tub). After an internal exam she was only 6cm, again unbeknownst to her. When one is seeking a natural childbirth sometimes it’s best MOM doesn’t know the results. she just keep on working until her body dictates otherwise.

We changed positions every 40 mins or so. There was a tiny lip of cervix blocking baby from coming and Melody from active pushing. It was suggested to break her bag of waters after 7+ hours of laboring and Melody was all for it! Once her bag of waters was broken she got back in the tub to take control of those contractions while

In the water. After 8 mins or so in the tub it was time push. Maybe 40 mins went by and surprise baby was born!

Wilson announced the baby’s sex and cut baby boy’s umbilical cord. However, he didn’t help catch this one… he forgot his baseball mitt. But, it’s okay Melody gave him a pass on this one and the midwife

caught instead...hahahaha!

Congrats Broadway family on your second drug-free #SymbioticBirth! What a great display of teamwork by all.

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