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Another happy”BIRTH” day with Your Birth Helper

Special thanks to Sarah Neri, AAHCC, CCE, YBHD for training this couple for drug free labor and birth. Sarah teaches The Bradley Method (r) twelve week prep in the Lake Wylie/ Charlotte, NC area.

Special thanks to Nancy Cook, BSN, YBHD for her assistance on day one of their induction. And, to nurse Robin at Atrium Pineville, for all her help day two and after birth for helping take photos for the couple.

Lastly, thanks, as always, to the amazing staff of Piedmont OBGYN and their support of natural, low intervention birth aka #SymbioticBirth and specifically, Dr. Alvarez for 🙌 catching!

Many wonder would virtual services still be beneficial in helping meet birthing goals? I think this video depicts the answer, YES!

Your Birth -Your Way - even if that’s 12 hours of support virtually via FaceTime throughout hard Pam @ wherever you are and we can show you how too!

Congratulations to the new family and staying the course, even when labor is sometimes more than we bargained for. It doesn’t last forever and it’s so worth your efforts. What lies on your chest, after you cross that finish line, is so worth pushing through and so is the speedy recovery that follows drug free natural childbirth.

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