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Why not get your Labor Practice On?

Couples demonstrate proper squatting and learn how to protect the uterine ligaments and how Dad can help! Shown on the left our #AthensDoulaDreamTeam Doula Apprentice, Nikki Reeves, her husband Todd and their surprise gender baby!

In some workshops, we not only talk about how consuming dates can shorten your labor, (ACOG tested) we taste and try them, as well! Special thanks to Doula Apprentice, Dianna Rutledge for treating the class to Dates her way “stuffed with cheese” #YUM!

We empower women and their coach to properly educate, prepare and practice for this amazing one day event... your Labor Day! Labor is a one time event in which you can not have a re-do! Imagine a partner who knows how to help you lower pain levels and properly support you through labor... now that’s #Priceless

These awesome gals! I am so blessed to train them, assist them and pour in knowledge in which they can bless the next generation with the knowledge that happy “BIRTH” days DO EXIST, regardless of how the baby exits your body. Of course, if you plan, prepare and practice what we teach you, our couples are quite successful in avoiding unnecessary medical interventions and know how to discern and make decisions necessary to stay on track to meet their birthing goals!

Special thanks to former Doula Client Alisha for paying it forward today and sharing her amazing skills with expectant moms! We are so thrilled to have her in our #AthensBirthFamily!

Baby wearing expert, Alisha Berkland shares options, demos and tips for wearing one or more babies and or toddlers!

Other training options include traditional birth training (12 segments of study) in The Bradley Method (r) which is the most detailed of all birth education and 87% successful in drug free natural childbirth. For more information on a Bradley Method class near you:

For Athens, Ga and north Ga

For Charlotte, NC

Email Pam @ yourbirthhelper@gmail for more childbirth education options and information!

Your Birth Helper is so pleased to host monthly childbirth education workshops now in multiple states, in which couples with busy schedules, and who often do not have access to quality birth training can attend and not only have as much birthing knowledge and tips crammed into a two hour session as possible, but those in attendance enjoy fun, fellowship and laughter in the process!

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