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To take a birth class or not? That is the ?

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To attend childbirth classes, or not... that is the question? However, it should be a no-brainer, but instead more and more are not investing their time to properly prepare. They are investing time to research their next cell phone, tablet or new app could help, but not childbirth education. Instead, they are relying on medical staff to instruct them or take over and yet, although this sounds real good to some, increasingly more and more women are describing their hospital experience with zero training: traumatizing! The biggest birthing challenge in today's climate of "just google it" is this one simple question!

Let's look at why.

Here are several reasons: People think "the doctor will just tell me what to do", "it will come natural and be instinctive", "I can simply google it!" Many are led to believe childbirth education is "no longer relevant", "I can just have an epidural" (no you can't, it's not that simple! You can't have an epidural if your platelets are low, before you have had an IV, two bags of fluids, and after comes a catheter, restricted movement, constant fetal monitoring and often the use of pitocin), so, you see its just not that simple! They say, "no need for classes, I'll just do what my body tells me" (which is most often instictively all wrong for least amount of pain & this lack of preparation increases pain levels, often leading to pain management that could've been avoided had you known what to do), "why spend my money on that" (I have insurance, who cares if I have a hospital bill that is in excess of thousands -no big deal right? Well, does your insurance cover a 100% out of pocket? If not, your time and money investment for Quality Training/ Doula services can save you thousands). What about the classic, "my partner doesn't want to attend class anyways" (Your partner will not have to endure contractions or push a baby out or feed a baby...better think again). This mindset is wrong on every level. Also, mom and baby deserve better and you still need to know the basics of how to have a healthy pregnancy, properly nourish yourself, make extra blood in preparation for losing blood, prepare your birthing muscles for the labor marathon, know what to do and how to get through a contraction/ discomforts of labor, regardless of before epidural, during (if it doesnt work) or after medication wears off, etc..

Even if your mindset is, I am going to skip all of that and "just schedule a c-section", better think again, you will STILL need prenatal training to be the healthiest version of you that you can be to do your part to avoid surgical complications, heal better and faster, etc. know your other choices of belly birth pain management, etc..

A cesarean is still major surgery which carries a multitude of risks and you still need to know how to nurse and still take care of yourself and your baby, regardless of how baby exits your body. And, if for no other reason how about helping spare yourself from trauma. People who choose to go into this process uneducated, often refer to their birth experience and postpartum this way: Scared, Bullied, Robbed of Joy, Drugged/ lethargic, Traumatized, couldn't even interact, let alone nurse or bond with my own child, PTSD, PPD, etc..

To elaborate, every class is NOT the same level of education. A one day or two hour class can only hit some basic highlights, but can not cover even half of what you truly need to know as a first time parent. You can learn the hard way, or learn as you go, but why would you want to do business that way? Dr. Robert A. Bradley, former OBGYN, author of Husband Coached Childbirth and the method itself, was quite adamant, "it takes nine months to properly grow and nourish a baby and it certainly takes that and then some to learn everything you need to know before the baby exits your body, no matter how it exits!" The Bradley Method® is still the most detailed of all birthing methods/ training and the cadilliac of natural birth education. Choose wisely!

If in Athens, Ga / north Ga counties or Charlotte area: contact YourBirthHelper@gmail for Childbirth Education options including: YourBirthHelper worshops, 12 week Bradley Training & KOPA Birth training. For other states/areas: We teach on demand and will come to you. Don't see a local teacher in your area, don't worry reach out today. We can create a class specific to your needs and schedule! Consider hosting a class or workshop and we will bring the learning to you! Simply put, "If you will make time- so will we!"

We take ACTION (help couples know options), We SHOW (couples how to plan & succeed to reach their plans), We let our birth stats speak for themselves... Congratulations for the #CharlotteDoula DreamTeam for completing one full year of NO epidurals - NO c-sections (by choice) and our #AthensDoulaDreamTeam has had zero epidurals and zero c-sections at St Mary's hospital!! We create happy "BIRTH" day plans that deliver proven results!!!!! We will promise that we will make sure you feel you received more than your monies worth!

Your Birth Helper we Prove Natural Birth still exists | Symbiotic Birth

Our Your Birth Helper Charlotte Team completed and entire year of zero epidurals & zero c-sections!! With proper training it can be done! Women don't cheat yourself out of a joyous birth experience, with the help of your partner and free of trauma. Regardless, of how your baby exits your body, you can FIND THE JOY in your baby's birth day when you are properly informed, understand all your options and make the decisions best for you! You will also HEAL better and faster having physically prepared, ate right, exercised your birthing muscles, learned skills to best manage contractions and have a trained coach who also has the skillset to assist you through contractions. Your Birth is a one day event much like your wedding, there are no re-do's! Choose wisely with whom you train. Choose wisely with whom you seek prenatal care. Choose wisely a doula team that supports your wishes not just one who will encourage epidural/ surgery bc they are tired. Choose wisely where to birth your baby. And, if you do not have the support of local friends and family after birth, consider being part of the best darn Birth Family around #YOURBIRTHHELPER... with us, you begin as students, but you end as family! We don't go away just because you had a baby. We do LIFE together! #BIRTHFAMILY #CharlotteBirthFamily #AthensBirthFamily

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