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Where can I have a water birth?

Water birth at home

Know your options... not just the ones your doctor shares but all of them. Schedule a consult with a YourBirthHelper team member. Find out the how, where & with whom birthing choices that exist in your area.

Tub Birth| Midwife Assisted | New family Bonding time

Then choose the birth right for you. If you are Searching for birthing options allow to assist you in Charlotte, NC, Athens, GA & Greenville, SC and surrounding areas. Email for consults, workshops/ training options & even traditional 12 week Bradley Method® classes. I bet Chris & Jenelle would say that initial twelve week training has saved them THOUSANDS of dollars and three times the unnecessary interventions.

Baby floats and locks eyes with mom

And, all because all those years ago they registered for Bradley Method® class, hired a doula and exercised their rights as educated consumers to birth where & with whom they desired. #CharlotteBirthFamily

Birth photography is awesome | Pets at birth | Tub birth

You might need a referral to a supportive hospital, birth center, or for an in-home midwife, placenta encapsulation or birth photographer- if so, has you covered. Schedule your consult today.

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