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When pregnant & in doubt- Clot it out!

It is not every day I get to brag on the Lord & his healing powers, in addition to, a picture perfect John 16:21 birth story!! Congrats to my amazing mom, Tory (who was put on blood thinners & bed rest weeks earlier facing a high risk delivery after learning she had three blood clots. Two in her leg and a larger one in her groin. With less than two months to go she reached out for doula assistance. The last thing her team of doctors wanted was for her to end up in the operating room. This worse case scenario could surely cost her life bc blood thinners + surgery does not = good outcome. Luckily, they had taken several childbirth classes about 4 out of 12 but some is way better than NO Plan to weather labor. With Greg, her husband, working as a pilot, scheduling was very difficult to attend weekly training. They applied what they learned and practiced weeks in advance during her bed rest, as often as possible. Some of the later weeks, were severely painful for her with the weight of being near full term, coupled by the large clot in her groin. I suggested soak in tub to relieve pressure and she found that comforting short term but hey any break from being miserable is good! The water is amazing during labor for pain relief, as well. But, unfortunately in most hospital inductions, the tub is no longer an option.

Turns out several of my church friends from Elevation Matthews had asked me if I had any prayer needs. I immediately thought of Tory & Greg! Mr. Jim Whaley asked me two weeks before her scheduled induction how my work was going. This was not a normal question for him. I shared I had a couple who could use prayer and I was concerned about the severity of her complication. He instantly replied, "well let's pray for her right now!" He prayed very specifically for God to dissolve those clots and that they completely disappear so she could have an amazing & safe birth. I said amen multiple times to that prayer 😉 Meanwhile, I had no idea Tory & Greg had attended #ElevationChurch Concord location before her bedrest. At her weekly doctors appointment she was to have one last ultrasound to measure clots, etc. but we received the best news ever! Although, she had been taking meds for many weeks with no change to size of clots, on this day coupled with the prayers of so many, she would learn the clots had all miraculously disappeared! She could have considered induction earlier but when in doubt- CLOT IT OUT! With great relief she could now anticipate the happy "birth"day she was sure to enjoy. She still had to endure induction, she still had to endure the hard work & discomfort of man made contractions but she no longer had to worry about a clot moving and risking her or her baby's life during the act of birth. Praise be to Jesus! We all were in shock that of all the weeks she had been on medicine, bed rest, etc. the clots had not dissolved. And, just a few days before her baby would enter the world, God blessed her in a mighty way with this awesome news! And, he didn't stop there. God was faithful in aligning the perfect team for her birth at CMC Main. Turns out the nurse with us even attended #ElevationChurch University campus. Still believe it was all a coincidence? Make no mistake God hears the cries of his children and tells us in his word to Ask, Knock & Seek!

Also, although my client was bumped from the use of midwives, being considered high risk, her attending OBGYN, Dr. Termin, could not have encouraged, supported or respected her wishes any better. Greg, her husband worked tirelessly along side helping her not only stay relaxed but also with counter pressure to her back and encouraging deep breathing. When transition phase began and everything in her wanted to fight the pressure, Tory listened and chose to labor down (a time when you want to push badly but refrain allowing your uterus to move baby down on its own without our help). We called the nurse, who then called the doctor when Baby's head was beginning to crown. He allowed us to stay in hands & knees (even though not typically preferred), in addition, he allowed us time to push freely as her body dictated. Dr. Termin supported her perineum and guided her with gentle pushing instructions as baby peacefully emerged the doctor smiled and my client, Tory began thanking him. He replied, "You didn't make me do much and grinned!" It was refreshing to have a doctor acknowledge low intervention, drug free, natural birth clients' really do make their job easier in almost every scenario. He later told the nurse, It was the best birth he had attended in a very long time! The atmosphere was on point! Kudos to the entire Johnson family!! #OneProudDoula #OneProudChildbirthEducator

With you begin as students but you end as family.

WE now offer both onsite & virtual education/ doula assistance! We have successfully coached two couples through natural birth via text, calls & FaceTime from a state away! has learned, "Never say it can't be done!" With knowledge there is power!

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