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What came first the chicken biscuit or the baby?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Well, this couple missed out on a 2016 tax deduction but something tells me their precious baby boy was worth waiting for a few more days!

On January 3rd her early labor started about 10pm. She followed tips on how to keep Labor progressing and follow her normal routine as long as possible. Dad checked in for suggestions during the wee hours of the morning & for help to assess labor along the way. Her active labor followed around 3:30am on January 4th, when she woke to 5 minute apart contractions. When Contractions were 4 minutes apart, lasting one minute for over an hour aka the "4-1-1 of labor" they headed to their birth place. Upon arrival to the hospital, @7am found she was 5cm dilated and they decided to admit. She labored on her side, with the peanut ball and focused on her relaxation. Unfortunately, she had one of the rooms @ CMC Main that did not have a tub 😔Finally, dad text for me to depart & grab him a Chik Fil A biscuit* on the way (don't judge -he was starving 🤣) *special thanks to Matthews location for proving dad his biscuit free of charge bc they knew I was in a rush to CMC Main during RUSH hour 😳it's not my first stop @ Chik Fil A to feed laboring couples, nope they have seen me before 😉. After my gps rerouting me nearly a half a dozen times to get me around bumper to bumper traffic, I finally arrived and of course, the parking deck was full as usual but something told me to hurry. Even though Melissa & Adam had only a couple of hours training with me, they clearly did their homework! She meant business with her relaxation! And, although I was unaware at the time their baby boy was in a race to beat me into the room. Luckily, I ran from parking deck to the 8th floor as quickly as possible.

Baby & I arrived @ the same time! With supportive nurses and dad cheering, as well as 8 entered the room. Bright eyed and with precious white vernix still present on his velvet skin, he weighed in @ 7pounds 6oz, 20 3/4 inches long. Drug free & perfect in every way!! Very attentive to mom & dad, staring straight into their eyes.

Shortly thereafter, joined by both sets of grand parents it was quite the happy "birth"day party! The party drink of choice, The Bradley Cocktail aka Orange Juice, which never tasted so good till after you have given birth and ran your labor marathon!! Dad finally was able to enjoy that biscuit, mom enjoyed a new baby in her arms and then they switched off.

Dad kept baby warm skin to skin as I pampered mom with a well deserved lavender leg & foot massage. I am so proud of these two for their dedication to bring their baby into the world in the safest way possible, low intervention and drug free! commends you both for educating, applying, believing & achieving Your Birth, Your Way! Another what I like to call the John 16:21 birth marathon well ran!!

I asked Melissa to share some tips for all the upcoming moms as to what she felt helped her progress while in the comfort of her home: The few days prior to labor I sat on my exercise ball a good bit a bounced, stretched, ate all kinds of different cuisine and half glass of wine, and walked some.

Yup, it really can be that simple. Don't complicate labor, your body knows what to do and 94% of the time, interventions are not needed. #OneProudDoula #OneProudChildbirthEducator

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