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"That's my little baby sister!"

Yes, these are my super fun adorable children and my new son-in-law. I think that officially makes me old. As I ponder my labor & birth of this beautiful bride, my youngest biological child, Jocelyn Victoria, I am immediately taken back to Stone Mountain, GA. It is no wonder she wanted to get married in the mountains. When I was in early labor with her, I literally climbed Stone Mountain. A six hour trek up a very steep mountainside carrying 42 lbs of baby weight. It was time passing and quite fair as my late husband, Tim carried our 40lb two year old, the one shown here in a back bend. She is every bit as active now as she was on that day. There was only one problem with our labor hike, when we got to the top a worker took one look at me and said, when is your baby due? I replied, any time now. She insisted we get off the mountain top and gave us a free ride down the side of the mountain on the sky buckets. We thought, how very kind and then once on the ground again realized... oh no, the car is on the other side of the mountain where we parked to walk up. I was completely walked out and contractions were close enough I needed to sit and focus on relaxing. Did I share my amazing husband coach ran halfway around the mountain to fetch the car. I arrived at the hospital about 2 hours before giving birth and left two hours after. I utilized the relaxation techniques taught in class, never mentioned pain medication, stayed in my zone. With my daughter in the room, attempting to verbally coach me through push phase saying, "Push Momma push that baby out", as everyone yelled, Its a Boy. I said, It's a cord and my two year old never strayed from repetitively saying, "Thats my little baby sister." As the doctor freed the cord and her legs were fell open, everyone yelled, It's a girl, as Kristian continued to say, "Thats my little baby sister!"

I am a big fan of children at birth! Highly recommend it. However, there is a time and place for everything and difficult labot/ transition is NOT the time for visitors or extra family members. It is a time for the couple to work together making each contraction count and maintaining a relaxing environment. Bring the children or other family in when the head begins crowning or stay behind the curtain until you hear the baby crying They do not have to have a birds eye view of the action. It is a special bond to be present as another life enters the world. With that being said, one might ask, what did the two year old actually remember from her sister's birth? It went like this recorded a few days later Kristian telling Jocelyn what happened when she was born..."Jocelyn, when you were born Mom pushed and you came out mom's booty. Then the doctor took that green thing and sucked those boogies right out of your nose." I still laugh about this and use it in my classes as a perfect example of what we as adults might think is scary or exciting, well.... a two year old might disagree. Dr. Tate even took time to show her the placenta, lifted the membranes up and said, "Kristian this was the baby's sleeping bag." My two year old was not impressed. What remained the most exciting to her... a green bulb syringe. When you educate the kids, keep it very basic, especially at that age and always add something to the effect, If mom cries it is just because she is so excited the baby is coming out. If the child gets upset remind them of the same. You can always take them right back out if needed. Remember, birth is a one day event which can not be repeated. The family bonding time is so very important. Include your kids in relaxation practice too. They just might surprise you. Even at two my daughter would rub my leg and say, "Relax momma, Relax".... precious moments in time that I will never forget nor regret. I am so glad my daughter's first thoughts were, "Thats my little baby sister!" Not, take her back.

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