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Why do some baby’s just refuse to give up their womb service?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Meet Cami and her stubborn little one. He was quite comfy in the womb and well now as you can see, he is quite comfy in his mothers arms. Last trimester, Cami and her husband Cristian, hosted a Bradley Method® natural birth series within their home in Braselton, Ga. Along with other couples, they met once weekly for twelve weeks and were intentional about preparing in advance for labor and birth.

Her goal was to work up until labor had commenced and even day of, should labor begin while at work. In the weeks prior to her real labor, she landed herself into triage for elevated blood pressure and tachycardia. She was not alarmed to be sent to hospital, because she suffers from what is commonly known as, White Coat Syndrome. People who have this often have anxiety type symptoms including elevated blood pressures prior to arriving for doctor visits or admitting for procedures. Her doctor would usually have her monitor blood pressure at home and call it back in to verify back to normal, but not today. Funny thing, she had asked me to join her for an appointment near term, because she was planning to endure her first internal exam and didn’t want to go alone. So, I also accompanied her to triage and had her pump water on the way over. Reality was she had most likely become dehydrated, while sitting in doctors office for over an hour, without having anything to eat or drink. Everything checked out okay, and Cami was once again back on track to return home, as the baby, her pulse, blood pressure and bloodwork all checked out normal after some fluids and time to recenter herself.

After her estimated due date came and went, she began to let go a little more, especially in her mind. Frankly, she was over being ”over due” and found it quite annoying when friends and family would say, No baby yet? When is your induction? Etc...

Cami decided she would take Your Birth Helper’s advice and get busy prepling her own body for Labor. They walked, ate weird foods, did their couple homework, drank red raspberry tea, did pressure points, etc. but one thing she knew she struggled with was getting out of her own head. Question after question would pop into her brain.

She may not have been able to get herself into active spontaneous labor, but she did have regular consistent contractions throughout her Baby Evacuation Fun day in Athens, Ga. I tortured her with weird food, lots of hills, lunges, curb walking and stair climbing.

Her homework had really paid off and her body was successful in nearly completing all of her effacement. She also found she was 3cm dilated and was quite pleased considering she hadn’t had any real challenging discomfort from the contractions she had experienced during our labor prep day.

My team mate Nikki Reeves shared:

At an estimated 42 weeks gestational age on paper, Cami found herself confronted with induction under the advise of her OBGYN. Northside Gwinnett’s, Dr. Joseph Pohl, led the birth team which also included YBH doula Pam, myself, nurse Robin, nurse Theresa and other terrific staff. After a round of cervadil overnight, Cami’s water was broken early the next day, Pitocin was also added and cervical changes were well on the way.

Here is a glimpse of Cami's labor marathon...

Everyone was pleased with her relatively quick dilation process. The second stage of labor however would prove to be much more difficult.

Cami maintained her namaste and her strength and determination was almost super natural at times.

That warrior woman strength kept her motivated and pushin through obstacles in second stage labor quite literally.

After utilizing a variety of other positions, including creative uses of the birth ball, rocking, other positions to open pelvis and help baby rotate into the birth canal, it was then discussed with Dr. Pohl that Cami may need additional assistance to help baby clear the pubic bone.

The Kiwi vacuum device was selected as an assistive measure. Cami continued to push with all of her might, and with the help of the vacuum the baby was born shortly. Cristian, the proud new father, made the announcement to the room full “It’s a BOY!” Mom finally had her baby right where he belonged in her arms!

They named him Lucas Cristian Bordianu. To everyone’s surprise, he weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces of pure joy! The room erupted into celebration as Dad’s eyes filled with unexpected moisture as he gazed upon his son for the first time. Cami learned she was much stronger and capable than maybe she had realized. She had accomplished her birthing goals and despite all the hurdles, she gave birth naturally. As for the Your Birth Helper Team, we salute Cristian for his constant support as labor coach and commend Cami for her preparation, execution and strength during he labor and birth marathon.

Happy “BIRTH” day baby Lucas! Our Athens Birth family can’t wait to meet you and celebrate the day you entered the world with Coner McGregor style!

Coner McGregor would be proud!!
Baby arrives McGregor style

Special thanks to Dr. Pohl and nurses, Robin and Theresa who supported Cami’s birth plan, encouraged her along the way and never recommended unnecessary medical intervention. It is one thing to support a mom during labor, but staff who actually go above and beyond to encourage women to meet their own birthing goals (not impress their own preferences) our true Angels in nurse form, sent from above.

Here’s to another #SymbioticBirth with Your Birth Helper & Teams! We specialize in low intervention / natural birth! Take time to invest in your birth experience! Let us show you how to have your own happy “BIRTH” day! your Birth- your Way!

Here are some final thoughts from Mom & Dad for readers to consider...

We chose Bradley method classes, because I liked that it included the husband as your coach. I knew my husband would be my main support so I wanted to take these classes together. At first, we were going to labor alone without a doula. However, after taking the classes, we got attached to Pam and wanted to utilize her doula services. I knew my husband would benefit from having an extra support person (of course me as well) which was the main reason we decided to hire a doula. Because, it was my first pregnancy, I was so nervous and didnt know what to expect. I am so glad we chose to have a doula because, I could not have managed without YBH. Pam and her team provided both of us support, helped me relax and labor through my long induction process. I felt at ease with the training we recieved. Moreover, I felt empowered knowing about my options and being able to give informed consent after receiving extensive training through the Bradley method classes.

I would recommend YBH to assist in labor simply because, it helps to have physical and emotional support on your big day. Pam and her team provided physical support, by using massage and creating a calming environment. They also provided emotional support by reassuring and encouraging me, praising me along the way and helped to ease my anxiety. My husband also appreciated having extra support, and YBH encouraged him along the way!

When I found out I had to be induced , I was worried because, I knew one intervention can lead to another. I wanted to go pain med-free and I knew that could be more challenging. I was determined to finish this marathon strong. I tried to stay calm through the process and trusted that body would know what to do. I used all the tricks I learned from Bradley classes to help get through the long labor. I just took it one contraction at time. It helped to be informed about the different stages of labor so, I knew that I was close to meeting my little surprise gender baby. Because I was induced, it was a little challenging for me to move around (my hopsital didn't have wireless monitoring). However, with the support of my team, we found ways around the tricky wires and I was able to move around the bed. Not having the epidural worked in my favor because I wasnt stuck to the bed. Instead, I was able to try different positions that helped me bring my baby lower into the birth canal making a vaginal delivery possible ..and avoiding an emergency c section. One of my favorite positions was squatting.

I tuned out all negativity, and had a calm and beautiful birth. No screaming or panic, just a peaceful environment with my support team by my side.

Dr. Pohl, always had my best interest, as well as, the babies and never pressured us to do anything we didn't feel comfortable with. He supported my wishes for a low intervention natural birth. Dr. Pohl is very knowledgeable and I trusted and respected him. I also appreciated that he is very big on nutrition which is such a vital part of pregnancy. The hospital staff at Gwinnett Medical was a blessing as well, especially my last nurse Teresa. She supported me as I labored down and tried to get this baby into an optimal position. She blew me away with her expertise as she had me get into crazy positions (not the most comfortable). However , Teresa, our nurse, didn’t give up on me after pushing for 5 hours. It's so important to have a doctor and hospital staff on your side that works together with your doula. This is exactly what I had and it was such a blessing!

Congratulations! You managed your labor like a Champ, despite often above average levels of discomfort, disparagement of slow to dilate cervix and a lengthy five hour push phase. There is no doubt in our minds, you two are quite the epitome of a power couple and can accomplish anything together! Happy “BIRTH”day from Your Birth Helper & Teams!

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