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To stick to the birth plan or not? That was the question!

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Nothing thrills me more than to receive a phone call from a mom who just needs to chat, ask a few questions and have someone listen. Also, to offer encouragement after a discouraging doctors appointment. Near term expectant moms have those darn hormones that often try to weigh on their minds and can potentially alter their upcoming birth stories.

I encourage labor coaches, medical providers and other support people to understand, "There IS a difference between simply supporting a mom and actually Encouraging her!" This super mom, Ashley says to me out of frustration, "Maybe, I will just get an epidural?" I replied, "No you will not, you will let your husband coach you, have your cry and then get your head back on straight." She didn't really want or need an epidural, but when we have unexpected obstacles to overcome, labor comes on quickly, we get disturbed or our relaxation is challenged, etc. that is how our near term / laboring mind works.

I am happy to say her husband, Derek, helped her avoid epidural and together they gave birth naturally to their third baby! This is one of the greatest compliments and testaments to the valuable work we as childbirth educators and doulas offer. 🙌

Even though today is Halloween, I just light up like a Christmas tree when a previous birth family client text me photos of their new baby and share they successfully met their laboring goals together. (And, extra special when this mom refused to allow her husband to even help with the first two 😆) Turns out Dad was a way better coach than she ever imagined! ❤️ Ashley is exceptionally grateful to her husband for helping her push through late labor / transition drug-free. His decision to help her push through naturally also paid off big in the end since their baby experienced difficulties at birth and entered the world with an Apgar score of 1 out of 10. Special thanks to the amazing staff of Atrium Health Pineville, their midwife Lori Williamson, CNM, their labor and delivery nurses and NICU support team for all the TLC shown to the Bulmer Family! Your Birth Helper salutes you all for taking such good care of them through this scary situation. An October, near Halloween baby scare its parents?.... no that would never happen! Something tells me this feisty baby boy will make scaring his parents, each year during the month of October, a new family tradition.

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