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Perseverance Pays Off

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Readers, meet Melody of Monroe, North Carolina and be encouraged. She just “gave birth” to her first child on Friday, April 19, 2019. I emphasize giving birth, because SHE put in the work necessary to bring forth life. Even though she had a hospital birth, as so many first time moms do, she did not have her baby delivered from her body by a doctor. Melody and her husband, Wilson had educated, trained and prepared for this very day for 9 months. She knew what to expect and boy did her good nutrition, cross fit training and preparation pay off. We worked for two full days helping create solid contractions with our “Natural Induction” efforts. We successfully avoided a scheduled medical induction for post date -42 weeks gestation.

I often say, “FREE YOUR MIND and the rest will FOLLOW aka baby!” Much like trying to get pregnant, stop trying so hard making yourself miserable and just have FUN while doing the things we know can help! Here are a few clips from our fun girl time aka baby evacuation.

Our two days of walking, stretching, eating weird foods, included everything from eggplant, to Lebanese, to crab dip, frozen yogurt, loud music even the buffalo chicken pizza and olive oil shots! The key is do something different, switch it up on baby and your body, free your mind of the chore of labor and get in bed earlier thus giving your body time to actually get in a relaxed state.

The couple trained under Your Birth Helper and the Charlotte Doula Dream Team through intensive labor workshops, home study and practice. She chose Piedmont OBGYN midwives (since healthy and low risk) and birthed at Atrium Health Pineville (formerly known as CMC Pineville location).

Her contractions had been present for several days, but had not assumed a regular pattern. That’s okay. That’s often how the body prefers to work. A little here a little there. Her prep work, with dad’s help had gotten her to 3cm, 80% effaced! I had the pleasure of attending her 41 week appointment with her. Midwife

Cindy Dellinger also did her part and assisted with a membrane sweep.

Couples should know it is not unusual at all to carry beyond your estimated due date. The percentage of stillborn over 41 weeks is not even .5%. Don‘t be scared to continue being patient. In fact, the majority of first time healthy moms carry 8 days over. To confirm she made the right decision her ultrasound revealed both baby and fluid looked great and her Non Stress test was perfect and even allowed her a 20 minute nap. We were all dedicated to doing the work to finish the job. Do the things you can do to avoid medical induction, it is so worth your efforts. Labor has enough challenges all on its own, no need to add more.

Labor had kicked in high gear around 2am and the couple managed contractions together at home and we all met up at the hospital at 10:30 a.m. shown here he couple chooses to walk to their room to further progress labor and move the head down. Stopping to pause for each stronger contraction.

Triage nurse Kristen, was so encouraging and respectful to ask admission questions around Melody’s contractions so, she could stay as relaxed as possible. Beverly was the midwife on duty and was also extremely supportive of the couples birth plans. Sadly, baby was in a variation of posterior/ side facing and Melody was experiencing challenging back labor pains. Her mother and husband assisted throughout offering various comfort measures as we worked changing positions often to help turn baby.

From leaning in, to full deep squats to open her hips, the couple took one contraction at a time drug free by choice. Together, they had created life and together they had trained to bring forth life naturally.

Her labor journey was a beautiful example of the inner strength of an expectant Mother. Their faith in the creator and the natural process was also clearly evident throughout each phase of their birth marathon.

From their praise and worship music, which helped to overcome an early urge to push and swollen full anterior rim of cervix, to constant change of positions, use of hands and knees, inversion positions and peanut ball, we did them all.

Her water finally broke around 7cm dilated while conveniently attempting to empty her bladder.

This photo is a perfect example of the unfailing love they posses for each other and their unborn baby. They worked and they worked never once giving up on each other. Bradley Doula and YBH Sarah Neri, YBHCE, also assisting we all stayed the course till the necessary work was done.

And, like so very many women, the time finally came when Melody cried out to her savior for help and prayed her very own Good Friday prayer to complete her John 16:21 labor.

After utilizing the recliner position, to try to relieve the early urge to push and ease her swollen cervix, Beverly suggested finishing off her cervix and further easing her back pain in the tub, as she had completed her two rounds of routine antibiotics for group b strep protection for baby.

When things got really tough, Melody dug down deep and found strength from her spiritual walk and expressed it this way to the room, “If Jesus could bear, carry and die on a cross today... then I can get through a few more contractions!“ Wow! She had overcome so much to birth her way, the Symbiotic Birth way, with as few interventions as possible. Not just for baby’s safety, but her’s also.

The next thing you know, it was time to labor down and Melody used techniques she learned in workshop to inch her baby down. We instructed Wilson to grab a pair of gloves and get ready. Her mother and I, helped hold a leg while Melody utilized the classic position for second stage.

Not only did Melody master the art of proper push techniques in about 10-15 minutes, her progress with each push continued to move her baby‘s head down, despite his posterior position. Her former cross fit training had helped her create strong abdominal muscles and push through quite literally.

We later noticed the cord was wrapped around and between his legs as shown above, as well as, over his shoulder. Seems he was quite the little gymnastist in there. Despite one loop of cord around the neck at birth, Wilson was ready and helped catch the baby. At 5:30 p.m Good Friday became good for another reason.... “baby Broadway” had emerged. Dad took hold of baby and placed this adorable baby boy on his wife’s chest.

After a minute or two had passed, we were all still anticipating the announcement of the baby’s name. Suddenly, mom and dad announced, his name is Deacon Lane!

The Broadway’s, have just started their walk into parenthood! Through days of efforts they kept their faith in God and each other throughout labor and birth. I just bet, when life brings future challenges, these two will rise to the occasion together to tackle them, one by one just like her contractions.

Welcome to your #CharlotteBirthFamily baby Deacon Lane! Congrats again from the entire YBH #CharlotteDoulaDreamTeam we are all so very proud to share another amazing #SymbioticBirth story! The best of normality coupled with only medically necessary interventions. It just makes for happier “birth” days! Let us help show you how.

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