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Once upon a Time ~ "Birth" story of Edin Lee

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Dear World,

This is the real life fairy tale journey of how little Princess Edin Lee came to be.

It all began far, far away in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC.

She weighed in 7 lbs and 15.4 ounces and was 19.75 inches long.

To her royal family, Father Bryan and Mother Jenny, did she so belong.

Her arrival was hastened by doctors that day.

She would come in the form of medical induction, otherwise known as, her "BIRTH" day.

She exited her Mother's tired womb after twenty-one long hours of travail

and thus entered into the realm of Charlotte, otherwise known as, Pineville.

The year was 2020, the said day the second of the month of April.

You see, Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince, who took the hand of a young princess.

Their love for each other led to laughter, fun times and much bliss!

A fertilized egg appeared soon after their love began to grow.

It was once smaller than the size of a grain of sand, did you know?

In October, month three, mom's belly began to show.

While preparing to become parents of a little princess...

Mom and dad attended Bradley Method® natural birth prep which is the best!

Your Birth Helper and team would help them navigate their way

through all the hard work Mom & Dad would go through that fine day.

Pitocin, followed by amniotomy, hastened the levels of pain.

And, soon mom was tired and thinking she couldn't bear much more, if no gain.

Her nurse, thought she was helping, by suggesting an epidural, to bring your mom relief. Not once, not twice, not three, not four, but five times, I counted in disbelief. I frankly informed her, talking about medication was not in her birth plan and should cease.

You see, Covid germs had entered the world and made everyone sad.

Doula Pam and her YBH Team, were restricted from being present to help Dad.

I reminded the couple to release all their fears, help would remain constant in the form of what they call FaceTime, my dear.

Mom and Dad assumed various positions on the hunt for their baby,

while using deep breathing, low registered noises and even little grunts.

Helping to guide the way, Pam stayed on the phone twelve hours that day.

The marathon into motherhood requires both strength and endurance. Jenny's expulsion contractions were quite different than most experience.

The time it takes to expel a newborn baby can vary greatly.

From a few short minutes, to many long hours and can definitely break you.

Bryan became her Knight in shining armor and helped his wife, overcome every obstacle to help bring baby Edin into the world with support and love, drug-free and all natural.

Doula Pam, captured as many special moments as she could along the way,

in hopes when Edin is older and has questions about labor/birth you will say...

that proper education, physical preparation and weekly training is what helped them achieve Symbiotic Birth, which most find impossible to accomplish, unless they BELIEVE!

Your Birth Helper and Teams, would like to extend a ginormous Congratulations and a very HAPPY "BIRTH"DAY to you ALL...


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