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Welcome Nikki to our Your Birth Helper Athens Doula Apprenticeship Program

Doula Your Birth Helper Athens, GA | Maternal Health Support

Your Birth Helper Doula | Athens, Ga Doula | Postpartum Support

Allow me to introduce our new Athens Doula Candidate, Nikki Reeves. She grew up in Georgia and was a Cum Laude graduate of Georgia Southern University in 2010. She studied education and taught three years in Atlanta. After birthing her two sons she discovered her passion for educating and supporting moms. She herself experienced anxiety, depression and trauma during pregnancy and postpartum. With little to no resources local to her, she began her own peer support group in 2017. Maternal Mental Health Support blossomed and she continues volunteering her time and knowledge. She is highly informed on maternal mental health and is certified with multiple trainings. I not be happier to offer her the second candidate spot on #AthensDoulaDreamTeam. No doubt moms are sure to be blessed and not just in the labor room.

In her spare time, she enjoys advocacy projects and fundraisers for maternal health. I could not be more pleased she understands my #BirthFamily concept and the importance of ongoing support after baby has arrived. It doesn't end with the birth of a child, quite the opposite, it just begins there and last a lifetime.

Maternal Mental Health Support | Birth Family

Nikki’s goal is to make the birth experience exactly what the mother desires by helping her avoid modern medicalized procedures that are not medically necessary, more specifically interventions that focus simply on science, technology, convenience and profits. Instead, turning to continuous care and support during labor, birth and beyond. birth of a mother and baby is a cherished time and together, along with Charlotte and all teammates can't wait to roll out the soon to be released Fourth Trimester Education Workshops & Family Support!

Athens Doulas | Your Birth Helper

Words can not express my excitement and gratitude to the good Lord for supernaturally orchestrating this amazing team, to be back in town serving the Athens Community with quality childbirth education in The Bradley Method®, but also to be able to pour my years of #SymbioticBirth skills into the next generation of passionate women ensuring even more happy "birth"days! It will be my pleasure to personally train these smart, strong and beautiful women. Get pumped Athens, Ga & surrounding areas, is growing again! Our motto, "You begin as students, but you end as FAMILY!"

#Natural Birth

#Maternal Health

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