Congrats Sarah Neri, YBHCE #CharlotteDoulaDreamTeam


Original post: Sarah originally moved to the queen city in order to attend culinary arts school at Johnson & Wales University. I also met Jorge within my first year of moving to Charlotte and later fell in love and married all shortly after completing my Culinary Degree. A couple of months after marrying, with the support of my husband, together, we were preparing to move for a one in a lifetime career opportunity to Augusta, Georgia, home of the Master’s. Then, we received the exciting news that we were going to be parents! This warranted the decision to change our plans and remain in Charlotte, NC.

During my first pregnancy, I would describe my husband and I, (like most) as being completely clueless expecting parents. By chance, I ended up with an amazing OBGYN, who supported natural childbirth. She also let me know “natural childbirth is not as easy as just showing up, you need to prepare”. I was then given a couple of book recommendations and connected with Pam and my whole life changed. My husband and I, quickly realized how much we did not know and immediately started learning as much as we could about childbirth in Pam’s wonderful Bradley Method® classes. I was very fortunate to become connected with someone who had the ability to have a flexible schedule, since I did not work a typical 9-5p job. After completing The Bradley Method® classes, we quickly hired, Pam~ YourBirthHelper as our trusted doula and never looked back.

Through my relationship with Pam~YourBirthHelper, we have had the opportunity to make wonderful lifelong friends, aka “birthfamily” and we now call Charlotte home! Having been able to meet a lot of new expecting mothers, who originally, had the same mindset as I did, I’ve been able to give back and those women I’ve met who fear childbirth due to the lack of education, I now empower them. These women motivate me to want to help them to understand like Pam says, “with knowledge there is power!” There is nothing that can compare to being properly informed and making your own choices, especially when it comes to YOUR OWN body, health, baby, let alone simply having your voice heard. I also believe that food/ good nutrition; plays a very powerful and important part in staying healthy and low risk during pregnancy, as well as, having a speedy, complication free recovery afterbirth. It is important to fuel your body with healthy foods; in order to do that, you must have logical meal options that fit into your busy lifestyle. That’s why I am happy to join the #CharlotteDoulaDreamTeam and use my culinary background to bless families through the upcoming YourBirthHelper’s 4th Trimester workshops & services. Also, I can not wait to become an affiliated instructor in The Bradley Method® because I know firsthand it works!

Sarah will no doubt be an asset to our Charlotte Your Birth Helper team. Sarah and Jorge are my people! The pleasure was all mine to be their Bradley Method ® Instructor, as well as, their doula for their first birth and I am anticipating assisting them in the next week or so with baby # 2. Don't worry, Aiden will remain my #1 dinosaur! I could not be more thrilled to have revised our team shirt, which now reads, "Make PLANS to have a doula at your birth. The "S" is our own Sarah!!!!

Earlier this year, Sarah successfully completed her YBH Education training and is now a Certified Childbirth Educator serving couples in the Charlotte and surrounding area in the art of preparing your body for labor and birth. Not just any birth #SymbioticBirth which is a blend of low intervention (medically necessary protocol) with the beauty of the natural process. The majority of our YBH clients, successfully and with ease experience drug free natural induction, as well as, drug free labor and birth (by CHOICE)! We are super proud of Sarah and her accomplishments this year! She will no doubt assist many many more couples in avoiding unnecessary interventions and help them experience a happier "BIRTH" day!

You can reach out to Sarah to register for her upcoming birth training via email to:, and find more information on facebook page Your Birth Helper- North Carolina, as well as, workshop info on our website

(shown here left Lena May, YBHCE, Pamela Sauls, AAHCC, YBHD, CMT and Sarah Neri, YBHCE) Sarah is also in the process of fulfilling all her requirements for Doula!!!

Congratulations Sarah Neri, YBHCE and thank you for your dedication to expectant couples and your advocacy efforts encouraging better birthing for all! The world needs more dedicated strong mamas like you to help them learn how to remove the word "trauma" from their labor and birth vocabulary. Keep up the great work!

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